Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review Board Applications Being Accepted

I am currently accepting applications for product review volunteers for the Housework-Haters Club “Review Board.” This is an important position that will require special skills and dedication. We are beginning to get requests for product reviews on the #HHC blog. I will be primarily responsible for all product reviews; however, as requests increase I would like to see other members review the products as well. This method will allow members to participate and give different and/or multiple opinions for the benefit of all #HHC Members as well as consumers in general.

Only serious requests will be considered and active participation in the #HHC blog ( will increase your chances to be included in the Review Board. We will not receive compensation for reviews other than the products themselves.

The Review Board will be expected to review products for at least a predetermined period of time and then report their honest opinion and results in writing and pictures. Our product reviews should be something of value to our Members, readers and general public.

If you are interested in occasionally receiving and reviewing a product (including taking pictures when appropriate and giving your review in writing for submission to the #HHC blog), please send an email to and include the following information:

1. Your name, Twitter User ID, valid email address, full mailing address and telephone number. (This information will be kept private and only used for official Review Board business.)

2. Why you want to be a Member of the #HHC Review Board.

3. Do you currently promote, sell, distribute or market any product, service or business of any kind whatsoever (including storefront, internet, etc.).

4. List any prior product reviews you may have published. (Prior review not necessarily required but your experience will increase your opportunity for first available reviews.

5. List your current occupation, including any personal and professional group affiliations.

6. Provide any additional information that would help us to choose you for the Review Board.

I am looking forward to working with the Review Board to bring real, honest and professional reviews to the Housework-Haters Club Members and blog readers.

Thanks and best wishes to everyone for your participation and support of the #HHC.

Very sincerely,
Decotta Brooks
Housework-Haters Club

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