Monday, September 21, 2009

New Website and Giveaway Contests for #HHC

The Housework Haters Club #HHC is announcing its new website:

Visit us for new and exciting reviews and giveaway contests.

“Zumba – Ditch the Workout, Join the Party” – Book Review & Giveaway Contest
Exercise is hated by many people even more than housework. But with the Zumba program, exercise is actually FUN! The very nice folks at Hachette Book Group have agreed to sponsor a giveaway contest and they are giving away five (5) copies of Zumba: Ditch the Workout, Join the Party! I personally enjoy any kind of dance in lieu of boring exercise, and I found the Zumba dance steps easy-to-learn and fun-to-do. The entire book is packed full of great information, including wonderful meal plans and recipes, as well as detailed illustrations of each dance move (also included on DVD). Here is a little bit of information about the book so you can get excited and enter to win it!....... Read More & ENTER

Charcoal Portrait from Artist Melinda Howard - Giveaway Contest
Here is your chance to win a FREE hand-drawn charcoal portrait ($175.00 Value) by Artist Melinda “Mel” Howard. Mel has agreed to sponsor a giveaway contest and the winner will receive a beautiful portrait artistically created from your provided photograph. If you aren’t familiar with Melinda Howard, please check out her website and her blog She is very talented and does beautiful artwork! Here’s what she is giving away: ...Read More & ENTER

"PlatePals" - Giveaway Contest
Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what the actual room temperature was? Have you ever thought about the relative humidity in the room? @PlatePals4You and has the coolest product that not only tells you the room temperature and relative humidity, but it is located conveniently on a switchplate cover–right where you turn on the light!! And they have offered to sponsor a giveaway contest by giving away one FREE PlatePals to a lucky winner!.......Read More & ENTER

"Let's Clean Up!" Software Program - Free Trial, Review & Giveaway Contest
I can’t believe there is actually a software program that helps you do housework! Well, actually we do the housework but the program makes it so easy to stay organized by allowing you to “schedule” your housework tasks. The really nice folks at Let’s Clean Up! are sponsoring a giveaway contest for us and they are not only giving away one copy of Let’s Clean Up! software program, but they are giving away THREE (3)!! ....Read More & ENTER

“Power-Shelf” Product Review & Giveaway Contest

The wonderful folks at have offered to sponsor a giveaway contest for one FREE Power-Shelf! This is the most remarkable product! I have been using the Power-Shelf for a couple of weeks now and I honestly don’t know how I ever did without one. As you can see from the picture, I use my Power-Shelf to charge and hold my cellphone (but you can use it for many things). The charger-cord conveniently wraps around the shelf itself and stays out of the way. I LOVE IT!! The Power-Shelf can be installed so that the shelf is on the bottom OR on the top. How convenient! ... Read More & ENTER

“The Gift of An Ordinary Day” – Book Review & Giveaway Contest
I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to do a review of the fabulous book, The Gift of an Ordinary Day, for the Hachette Book Group. Being a mom of an 11-year old daughter, I can truthfully say that this book was not only touching but very inspiring. I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to step back and evaluate their past, present and their dreams for the future, and understand how the simple pleasures of everyday life can bring value and happiness to our souls. .... Read More & ENTER